Dealing with Facebook ad account and business manager bans can be a pain. Sometimes Facebook’s AI mis-flags your account or business manager — other times, you accidentally misstep and violate a policy. It happens to everyone at some point or another.

But, not to worry — for just about any issue, Facebook has a designated place where you can submit an appeal and have them take a look at the account manually, and potentially reconsider.

Here’s a list of the top 8 issues you’ll run into, and where you can go to resolve them.

1. Ad Account Disabled For Unusual Activity

This type of penalty will occur if there’s been suspicious activity on your Facebook account. Suspicious activity can be anything that doesn’t correspond to your ‘usual’ behavior.

Examples that might trigger this penalty include:

  • Logging in from a variety of IP addresses
  • Scaling up your ad spend rapidly
  • Logging into multiple FB users in one Chrome Browser, and repeatedly switching between them
  • … etc

You’ll know you have this problem if you get a message indicating you need to change your password due to suspicious activity.

You will be asked to fill out the following form.

2. Ad Account Disabled For Policy Violation

This is quite commonly the most common type of violation you’ll encounter in your time running Facebook ads. This is most commonly caused by Facebook’s trigger-happy AI system that is designed to reduce ban & appeal loads for their employees. Sometimes the AI gets it right, and identifies an element in your ad that doesn’t quite belong there. Other times, you’ve done nothing wrong, and the AI simply mis-flagged your ad.

Regardless of the situation, you can appeal your case by simply filling out the following form.

3. Ad Account Disabled For Inactivity

If you don’t use a Facebook ad account for an extended period of time, you may find that it has been disabled. This is a measure put into place for a number of reasons, including the prevention of ad account trading and FB account sales.

There is no official criteria as to when this may happen; in general though, we’ve observed that it will usually require something like a year of inactivity.

To help prevent this, we recommend spending at least $10 every 6 months to help prevent these types of bans.

If you find yourself in this situation, simply fill out the following form.

4. Facebook Account Banned From Advertising

This is one of the most serious types of disables you’re going to encounter. Generally speaking, it will only happen if you’ve repeatedly violated Facebook’s policies, receiving multiple warnings or other types of disables, etc. Consequently, it is also the most difficult type of disable to deal with.

To appeal this type of ban, fill out this form.

5. Payment Method Disabled

This type of disable will occur when Facebook detects some sort of issue with the payment method linked to an ad account or business manager.

Typically, you’ll run into these issues based on one of the following:

  • You miss a payment because the bank declines a charge
  • Your payment method is under a different name vs the Facebook profile you used to attach the payment method
  • You’re using a credit card that was attached to a previous ad account that was banned

You can go ahead and appeal your payment method issue by filling out this form.

6. Business Account Disabled

Getting an entire business manager disabled is a real pain — this basically means every single ad account within that business manager is toast.

Typically, this will happen due to one of the following:

  • Running prohibited advertising content
  • Selling products or services that violate FB policy
  • The use of copyrighted content
  • … and other common sense violations of the FB policy

You can go ahead and appeal your business manager restriction by following this link.

7. Low Feedback Score Penalty

This type of penalty arises when you receive a number of negative complaints from your customers via Facebook’s self-report surveys.

These surveys tend to focus on three key categories of your business; as such, if you find yourself receiving a penalty, it will likely be due to one of three different reasons:

  • A lack of customer support (or slow response times)
  • Quality of product was not as anticipated
  • Shipping times were too long

With this type of penalty, you will either see your reach/delivery reduced, or have your entire page restricted from advertising.

To view your score, and get access to the appeal link, simply navigate to the following page:

8. Low spend-cap limit

Low spend caps are generally put into place for new Facebook ad accounts, and most of the time will be automatically adjusted as you meet subsequent billing statements.

The particular restriction you find on your account will vary on a number of factors. Some accounts start off at $50 USD, while others might start at $350.

Regardless of where you start, assuming you make your payments, you should see that limit raised over time.

If you find that your spend cap limit has not changed, or that you would like to raise it above the $5,000 limit, you can do so by filling out this form.