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What is a One Product Store?

One product stores are exactly what the name suggests.

The store only sells one product and focuses all of its marketing and design efforts on selling the one product.

If this is a completely foreign concept to you, have no fear, we have created dozens of successful one product stores.

We’ve gone over two of these stores in detail on our YouTube channel:

Check out our posture brace video and mosquito trap video for in-depth looks at successful one product stores.

These are both one product dropshipping stores, so check out our dropshipping guide if you are still unfamiliar with dropshipping.

Dropshipping is an essential part of running a one product store, so please fully learn what the business model is and how to create a dropshipping store.

One Product Store Benefits

Believe it or not, one product stores offer a lot of various benefits compared to regular ecommerce stores.

Product Quality

Since you are only selling one product, you only have to worry about the quality of a single product.

You can easily find the quality of a product by ordering a sample from your supplier. If there’s anything you’d like to change about the product, you can request the supplier to do so or find a new supplier.

Dropshipping stores selling more than one product often have to worry about product quality. They have to order samples of all of their products or risk sending their customer low quality products and facing chargebacks.

By solidifying the quality of your one product, you can avoid a lot of customer complaints.

Product Supply

Another advantage of one product stores is that they only have to worry about inventory for their single product.

It’s extremely easy to keep track of your supplier’s inventory since your store only has one product.

Stores with multiple products have to keep track of their supplier’s inventory of all of their products. This can lead to inventory issues where customers order products that are actually out of stock.


Dropshipping stores usually have to go through an initial phase of testing. This testing process involves creating ads for multiple products and seeing which products have the most traction with consumers.

One product stores don’t have to invest money testing products.

Rather than testing products, one product stores test different styles of advertisements for the product.

This allows you to flex your creativity and marketing skills. Furthermore, you can continue to optimize and improve advertisements for your product.

Design & Management

Creating a one product dropshipping store on Shopify is much less time consuming than making a regular store.

This is because you only have to import one product and create one product page.

However, we recommend spending a lot more time improving the design of your product page and home page.

Your creative focus can be streamlined into improving your funnel as much as possible.

The dropshipping funnel includes:

  • Advertisement Creative
  • Advertisement Targeting
  • Product Page
  • Product Price
  • Checkout Page
  • Post-Sale Upsell
  • Post-Sale Emails

Each one of these steps plays a role in determining how good your store’s conversion rate is. By optimizing each of these steps, you’ll have the potential to drastically increase sales.

One Product Store Disadvantages

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of a one product store.

Competition and Copycats

The biggest issue that one product stores face is competition and copycats. This occurs when other stores are selling the exact same product and even sometimes running the same advertisements.

To deal with this issue, we recommend creating unique and innovative video advertisements as well as in-depth product pages.

However, if the competition rises to the point where you are unable to remain consistently profitable, we recommend finding a new product to sell.

Product Saturation

The issue of competition also brings along potential product saturation.

Product saturation occurs when everyone in a given market has seen a product and demand has decreased drastically.

Optimizing your product strategy for the short- and long-term | Dries  Buytaert

As you can see, in a standard product cycle there will be a point where demand for a product reaches a stagnation point. A lot of competitors selling the same product can cause product saturation very quickly.

However, a true stagnation point is often rare in dropshipping because you are able to target so many different demographics with the Facebook ads platform.

For this reason, if you realize your daily sales are slowing down, we recommend testing your advertisements in different markets and identifying new audiences.

Disinterested Buyers

Another potential issue of one product stores is having trouble finding a consistent flow of customers and optimal audience.

This can be extremely frustrating since your store only has one product and can make you feel like you’re stuck in a dead end.

If this occurs, we recommend creating a fresh advertisement and targeting some unique demographics.

Remember, dropshipping is all about testing, learning, and innovating.

It may take some time and persistence before you’re able to find the success you’re searching for.

Characteristics of One Product Store Products

Now it’s time to get started with creating your one product store. The first step is to find a product that has potential to make a lot of sales.

Feel free to check out our YouTube tutorial on finding products if you prefer the video format.

That being said, let’s go over the characteristics of successful winning products.

The product you choose to sell should have at least one of these traits:

Trait #1: Products That Solve A Problem

Products that can uniquely solve a common problem are excellent choices for a one product store.

Let’s go over two examples:

This back brace is a product we sold on one of our wildly successful one product dropshipping stores.

People with back pain and poor posture are extremely common, but it’s rare that actually people take action to fix the problem.

For this reason, when Facebook users were presented with a video advertisement that went over all the benefits of the back brace, they were intrigued to actually purchase the item.

The posture brace is a perfect example of a winning product.

The mosquito trapper is another winning product example because it’s unique and solves a common problem.

Mosquito problems are extremely common and the conventional methods of dealing with them are ineffective and inconvenient.

People usually use mosquito spray or a mosquito racket. Mosquito spray is smelly and doesn’t eliminate mosquitos that are already inside your home. Next, mosquito rackets require manual labor and is time-consuming to fully eliminate all the mosquitos.

That’s why the mosquito trapper is such a fantastic product for people that have mosquito issues inside their homes.

The mosquito trapper works by luring mosquitos near it with a LED light and then sucking them into the machine with a fan.

It’s odorless, inexpensive, and effective.

Both of these products are fantastic examples of what winning products look like.

Trait #2: Impulse Buy Products

Another characteristic of winning products is it’s ability to induce an impulse purchase.

These products have a ‘WOW factor’ because they’re eye-catching and unique.

Magical 3D Moon Lamp - OnionFox

An example of an impulse buy product is the moon lamp shown above.

Simply put, the main reason why the moon lamp is an impulse buy product is because it looks cool.

People browsing on Facebook that see the advertisement for the product are instantly lured into buying it based on looks and emotion alone.

This cute dog costume is another example of an impulse buy product.

Impulse products are products that people don’t actually go searching for.

It happens when a user is casually browsing their social media and suddenly see an advertisement that is unique and astonishing. Then in a split-second, the product becomes must-have and the user quickly purchases the item.

These products need to make the consumer feel connected by playing on their emotions. The dog costume instantly reminds them of their adorable pet and how cute their dog would look inside the costume.

Trait #3: Products That Can’t Be Easily Found

Since your store will only have one product, you need to make sure that the product can’t be easily found.

People shouldn’t be able to easily to find your product at their local Walmart or convenience store.

Home Cookware, Dining & Bar Supplies Watermelon Slicer Fruit Slicer Cutter  Corer Server for Cantaloup Melon Home, Furniture & DIY

This unique watermelon slicer is a good example of this.

Most people haven’t seen this device before and it does provide some convenient functionality. People interested in purchasing this product would by it because it’s a useful novelty product. Although it’s not necessarily a ‘WOW-factor’ product for everyone, it’s a fun device to use when friends or family are over.

Trait #4: High Marketing Potential

Finding a good product is only half of the battle. The other half is the marketing and advertisements for the product.

Since you’ll only be selling a single product, you need to make sure your advertisements are top notch.

As a basic guideline, we recommend thinking about the potential marketing angles of each product you look at.

This includes:

  • Who the product is for?
  • What problems the product can solve?
  • How your advertisement will look?
  • The results and emotions as a result of owning your product?
  • How to make the product stand out?

These questions should always be on your mind as your browsing for your product.

How To Find Profitable Products

We will be using our favorite product research tool, the Aliexpress Dropshipper Center, to find winning products.

Firstly, go to Aliexpress and create an account if you haven’t already.

Next, go to the Aliexpress Dropshipper Center, fill in the agreements, and then gain access to the tool.

The Aliexpress Dropshipper Center is a FREE tool that helps you find the top selling products on Aliexpress.

Once your in the dashboard, it should look like this:

Then, click ‘Find Products to Sell’ on the left-hand side.

Your screen should look like this:

As you can see, there are a few options in terms of filtering the list of products.

You can choose product category, price, and many others. However, for your first search we recommend leaving everything as is and just sorting order volume by ‘All Countries’.

You will be shown a list of the best selling products on Aliexpress.

The product name, price, order volume, DS orders, rating, sales performance, and an analyze option will be displayed.

However, you can ignore DS orders, rating, and sales performance. DS orders stands for dropshipping orders and is mainly an inaccurate estimate generated by Aliexpress.

Our focus will be on the ‘Analyze’ option.

Product Analysis

By clicking ‘Analyze’, you will be shown the daily order volume of an individual product for the past 14 days.

The no-tie shoelaces shown in the image above are averaging around 80 orders per day.

We recommend choosing products that are averaging above 50 orders per day.

For this reason, these shoelaces could potentially be a good product for a one product dropshipping store.

Product Search

Keeping the criteria of winning products in mind, begin browsing the Aliexpress Dropshipper Center.

Look for products that immediately stand out to you as potential impulse buy products.

Furthermore, think about how to product could solve a problem and the various marketing angles you could try.

We recommend compiling a list of 5-10 potential products before choosing your final product.

Then, narrow down the list and choose the product that has the best marketing potential.

How to Price My Product?

In terms of pricing the product on your store, we have a few simple guidelines you can follow.

1) Price your product for at least $30

We recommend finding products that you can fairly price at a minimum $30 price point. Based on our experience, creating a successful one product store for a product that you sell for only $10 or $15 is nearly impossible. It will be difficult for consistent profitability at lower price points because of Facebook ad costs.

For this reason, pricing your product for $30 or more gives you a better chance at long term success once your advertisements are optimized.

2) Price your product 3x the total price on Aliexpress

By pricing the product 3x or more the total Aliexpress price, you will be able to sustain relatively high profit margins. If you only markup your product 2x, you will need wildly successful Facebook ads to maintain profitability.

For example: if the price of the product on Aliexpress is $12 and shipping costs $3, the total price is $15. If this is the case, then we recommend starting your product at $45 and then adjusting the price from there based on ad performance.

What to Name My Store?

The name of your store is much less important that probably think it is. The advertisement, targeting, product page, product, and price point are all much more important.

As far as your store name goes, we recommend finding a .com domain. You can use Namecheap to browse and purchase your domains.

We personally like to keep it simple with our store names.

Here are examples we used in the past:

  • for the mosquito trap store
  • for the neck brace store
  • for the back brace store

As you can see, the store names literally describe the product we sold on each store.

How To Build A One Product Shopify Store

Creating a one product Shopify store is basically the same as creating a regular store.

Check out our in-depth YouTube tutorial to create your own Shopify store.

You can also check out our dropshipping guide for a text version of store creation.

Best One Product Store Themes

Free Theme

Debut is our favorite free theme to use when creating a one product store. Check out the video above to see how we set a store using the debut theme.

Paid Theme

If you choose to opt for a paid theme, we recommend using Turbo by Out Of The Sandbox. This is our favorite paid theme and the only one we’ve used for our one product stores. It’s known for it’s speed, customization, and designability.

We have a separate Turbo design and setup guide that you can check out.

Key Traits of a Successful One Product Store

Video Advertisements

The main part of your marketing funnel is the advertisement you will be displaying to potential customers.

A good advertisement is extremely important because it’s how people will learn about your product and ultimately visit your store.

For this reason, we recommend mainly using video advertisements. Video advertisements allow you to convey much more information about your product. Furthermore, you can run advertisements based on how long users viewed the video.

Home Page

Another key feature of great one product store’s are beautiful home pages. Since your store will only have two main pages, the home page and product page, you need to ensure the home page is able to captivate potential buyers.

The banner is the most important image on your homepage. It should include a high quality image and a call to action for the user to purchase the product.

Product Page

Along with making your home page exceptional, you’re product page needs to be even better.

A well made product page can improve your conversion rate drastically, so it’s vital to make it as professional as possible.

Your product description should be overly informative about the product and include all the details needed to make the consumer feel confident about their purchase.

You should also include any risk-free guarantees your store offers and the refund policy.

Furthermore, we recommend using Loox Reviews or any other product review app so your consumers can leave feedback.

Now It’s Your Turn

This concludes our tutorial on how to find winning products for your one product dropshipping store.

Now it’s time for you to take action and begin finding products and creating your Shopify store.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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